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Character Profiles


The pictures on the left are the present, and right are pictures from series one.


Information was from the Official Character Book, manga and anime.


I only put the main and semi-important characters in the book. If you want the manga characters too, you can e-mail me for them.


Main Characters:


Name: Mutou, Yugi

English: Muto, Yugi

Nicknames: Yuge, Aibou [partner in Japanese] (as Yami refers to him), 'Hikari' [light in Japanese] (as Yami refers to him), 

Title: King of Duelists

Rank: King of Duelists in Duelist Kingdom, 1st Place in Battle City

Birth Date: June 4th

Age: 16

Blood Type: AB

Height:  5’1” (153 cm)

Weight: 93 lbs (42 kg)


Yugi was a shy boy who loved games. For eight years, he tried to solve the Millennium Puzzle, when he finally did, he made an important friend from the puzzle. His best friends, Joey, Tea and Tristan followed him to Duelist Kingdom to help him save his grandfather’s soul from Pegasus. After beating Pegasus, he saved both Kaiba brothers and his grandfather’s soul. Entering Battle City, he helps ancestor Yami Yugi to find his lost memories.


Name: Yami Yugi 

Nicknames: Yugi, Spirit, Yami, Mou hitori no boku ['the other me'] (as what Yugi refers to him), Pharaoh, Prince Sama

Title: King of Games, Pharaoh

Rank:  King of Duelists in Duelist Kingdom, 1st Place in Battle City

Age: 5000+??

Blood Type: AB

Height: 5’ 3” (Taking a guess, doesn't say in the book. Same height as Yugi in the manga.)

Weight: 96lbs (ditto)


The 17th Pharaoh of the Kingdom in Egypt, his name was wiped out of history. When all three God cards are collected it’s one step closer to his memories . He shares bodies with Yugi Mutou. He spends his time in the Millennium Puzzle. In the first series, he punished a lot of people by playing a Darkness Game and may I add, he looked freaky. Tea has a crush on him, who doesn't? On the height thing, he's taller than Yugi but about an inch shorter than Tea. He's my height, that's pretty depressing.


Name: Kaiba, Seto

Nickname: Kaiba

Title: World Champion

Rank: World Champion, 3rd Place in Battle City

Birth Date: October 25th 

Age: 16

Blood Type: A

Height: 6’ 1” (186cm)

Weight: 143lbs (65kg)


Kaiba is the CEO of Kaiba Corp. His parents died, he and his brother, Mokuba was adopted by Gozaburou Kaiba. He owns the only three Blue Eyes White Dragons in the world. He tried to get the fourth Blue Eyes from Yugi’s Grandfather, but when Yugi’s Grandfather refused to give him the card, Kaiba hurt Grandpa and ripped the card in half. Pegasus kidnapped Mokuba, trying to save his brother, he was defeated by Pegasus and was rescued by Yugi. In Battle City, Kaiba tried to collect all three God cards to become the most powerful duelist in the world. He owned the Millennium Rod in his past life.


Name: Jounounchi, Katsuya

English Name: Wheeler, Joey

Rank: 2nd Place in Duelist Kingdom, 4th Place in Battle City

Birth Date: January 25th 

Age: 16

Blood Type: B

Height: 5’ 8” (178 cm)

Weight: 137 lbs (62 kg)


He is Yugi’s best friend and wants to become a real duelist. His parents were separated, and lived with his drunken ass father. He cares for his little sister a lot.  He entered Duelist Kingdom, to claim the $3,000,000 prize money for his sister’s (Serenity) eye operation. In Battle City, he wants to prove to be a real duelist by dueling Yugi once again after the competition.


Name: Mazaki, Anzu

English Name: Gardner, Téa

Birth Date: August 18th

Age: 16

Blood Type: O

Height: 5’ 4” (165 cm)

Weight: 104 lbs (47 kg)


She is Yugi’s best friend from early childhood. She can be tough but can be sweet too. When Téa was illegally working in Burger World, she threatened Yugi and Joey if they ever tell anyone that she works there, she dreams of being a dancer in New York City after high school. She has a crush on Yami Yugi.


Name: Honda, Hiroto

English Name: Taylor, Tristan

Birth Date: April 19th 

Age: 16

Blood Type: A

Height: 5' 9" (180cm)

Weight: 143lbs (65kg)


The tough guy with a unique hair do, rides a motorcycle and has a crush on Joey’s sister, Serenity. He's best friends with Joey ever since they won a race at school.  At the first series of the anime, he was class president and had crush on Miho Nosaki. We don't know much about him but he has a sister and a nephew and owns a dog named Bankley.


Name: Bakura, Ryou

English Name: Ryou, Bakura

Rank: One of the Finalists in Battle City

Birth Date: September 2nd 

Age: 16

Blood Type: AB

Height: 5’ 7” (176cm)

Weight: 115lbs (52kg)


Very shy, innocent boy who transferred in Yugi’s class after being attracted to Yugi’s Puzzle. He was the pretty boy in class, and owns the Millennium Ring. Most of the time Yami Bakura controls him and has no idea where he is or what happened most of the time. Strange kid who writes letter to his dead female friend.


Name: Yami Bakura

Nickname: Evil Spirit of the Millennium Ring

Title: King of Thieves

Rank: One of the Finalists in Battle City

Age: 5000+?

Blood Type: AB

Height: 5’ 7” (176cm)

Weight: 115lbs (52kg) *Heh, not in the past!*


He was the King of Thieves in Ancient Egypt, a psychotic, person who has a fetish of flesh and blood. He wants the power of all the Millennium Items to open the Dark Door. When Yugi first encountered the Rare Hunters, he dueled and they broke his Puzzle, Yami Bakura put a piece of his soul into the puzzle until the powers are collected. In Battle City, Yami Bakura and Yami Marik dueled, Yami Bakura was sent to some kind of Hell (It happened in the anime).


Name: Kaiba, Mokuba

Title: Commissioner of Battle City, Egg Capsule Monster (Capsule Monster Chess) Champion

Rank: Egg Capsule Monster (Capsule Monster Chess) Champion

Age: 12

Blood Type: O

Birth Date: July 7th

Height: 4' 7" (142cm)

Weight: 62lbs (28kg)


The younger brother of Seto, was kidnapped by Pegasus after Seto left the company for some alone time. In the first series of Yu-Gi-Oh! He was the champion of Egg Capsule Monsters.


Name: Otogi, Ryuuji

English Name: Devlin, Duke

Title: Inventor of Dungeon Dice Monsters (Dragons, Dungeons and Dice)

Birth Date: February 28th

Age: 16

Blood Type: B

Height: 5' 8"  (179 cm)

Weight: 143lbs (64kg)


He owns a game shop with his father. The inventor of Dungeon Dice Monsters (Dice, Dragons and Dungeons), he hated Yugi for beating Pegasus in Duelist Kingdom because his game wasn’t going to be released in the market by Industrial Illusions.  Played DDM with Yami Yugi and was defeated at his own game. He has a crush on Serenity too.


Name: Kujaku, Mai

English Name: Valentine, Mai

Rank: 3rd Place in Duelist Kingdom, One of the Finalists in Battle City,

Birth Date: November 20th

Age: 24

Blood Type: O

Height:5' 7" (175cm)

Weight: 115lbs (52kg)   

The tough chick at first used perfumes to cheat in duel monsters. But Yami Yugi showed her there was more to just the game, and won back her star chips. She grew up alone, and was casino dueler to the rich and famous. In Battle City, she used her Amazoness/ Harpy Lady deck, dueled with Yami Marik and lost her memory. Joey and her have some kind of thing going on. 


Name: Jounounchi, Shizuka

English Name: Wheeler, Serenity

Age: 12-14?


Joey’s younger sister, she had an eye condition and needed surgery before it got worse. When she had her operation, her first vision wanted to be her brother. Tristan and Duke have a crush on her.


Re-occurring Characters:

Name: Crawford, Pegasus J.

English Name: Maximillion Pegasus

Title: Creator of Duel Monsters

Birth Date: October 24th

Age: 24

Blood Type: A

Height: 6' 1" (188cm)

Weight: 143lbs (65kg)


Creator of Duel Monsters, he had a wife Cecelia (Cynthia) that died of a disease. He loved to paint, his favorite subject was his wife. He traveled to Egypt, and met Shadi. He was chosen for the Millennium Eye. His plan was to resurrect his wife by taking over Kaiba Corp and collecting the Millennium Items. He lost his  Millennium Eye to Yami Bakura in a Shadow Game.


Name: Bandit Keith

Rank: Continental Champion of Duel Monsters

Birth Date: August 12th

Age: 26

Blood Type: O

Height:6' 2" (190cm)

Weight: 187lbs  (85kg)


About to win the DM championship, Pegasus randomly chose a child to finish him off. After the loss, the created a small gang in Duelist Kingdom to get his revenge. After losing to Joey in the final, he threatened Pegasus with a gun, but ended in the ocean. In the manga, he threatened Pegasus with a gun but Pegasus turned his hand into a gun with his Millennium Eye. Pegasus controlled his 'gun hand' and  ending up shooting himself.   


Name: Mutou, Sugoroku     

English Name: Mutou, Solomon (Grandpa)

Birth Date: October 4th

Age: 72

Blood Type: O

Height: 4' 9" (151cm)

Weight: 137lbs (62kg)

Yugi’s grandfather, he found the Millennium Puzzle during a project in Egypt and tried to solve it. He owned a Blue Eyes White Dragon that was given to him by his best friend during the dig in Egypt. Now, he runs the Game Shop.


Name: Shadi

Age: Rumored to be immortal.


The Protector the Millennium Items, he pops out of nowhere to seek where the Millennium Items are, and gives information to the Pharaoh. He owned the Millennium Scales and key; given to Bobsosa.





Name: Inspector Haga

English Name: Underwood, Weevil

Rank: 2nd Place Regional Champion

Birth Date: July 21st

Age: 14

Blood Type: A

Height: 5' 3"  (162cm)

Weight: 112lbs  (51kg)


Insect Duelist, Defeated by Yugi in Duelist Kingdom. Joey took duelist glove from him and was kicked off the island. Battle City, he was defeated by Joey and his rare Insect Queen card was taken from him.


Name: Dinosaur Ryusaki

English Name: Raptor, Rex

Rank: 1st Place Regional Champion

Birth Date: December 29th 

Age: 15

Blood Type: O

Height: 5' 4"  (165cm)

Weight: 114  (52kg)


Dinosaur Duelist, Defeated by Joey in Duelist Kingdom. Battle City, defeated by Esper Roba. 


Name: Wayku Yuka 

English Name: Tsunami, Mako

Birth Date: March 1st 

Age: 19

Blood Type: B

Height: 5' 8"  (178cm)

Weight: 148lbs  (67kg)


The water duelist, he was a fisherman who is still looking for his father. His card 'Legendary Fisherman' represented his father. Joey defeated him and gave the card up. 


Name: Kaiba, Gozaburou

English Name: ?

Birth Date: ?

Age: ?

Blood Type:?

Height: ?

Weight: ?


Seto and Mokuba's stepfather. He adopted them when Seto challenged him to a game of chess and won. He was a very strict man and drove Seto to the edge training for the company. When Seto gained power to the company, he was going to fire him. But Seto pushed him off the building and well, died. In the anime, the first series; Seto knocked him out  onto the window. I'm not too sure but, in the DM series, Mr. Kaiba died of a heart attack. He had a real son named Noa, which died before adopting Seto and Mokuba.

Battle City Characters:


Name: Ishtal, Malik (Marik)

English Name: Ishtar, Marik

Title: Leader of the Rare Hunters (Gurus)

Rank: 2nd Place of Battle City

Birth Date: December 23rd

Age: 16

Blood Type: B

Height: 5' 9" (180cm)

Weight: 123lbs (55kg)


The owner of the Millennium Rod, he plans to kill the Pharaoh for the wrong he did in the past to his tribe and for killing his father. He bears the pharaoh’s memories on his back. He planned to collect all three God cards to become the new Pharaoh. He has another personality, sealed by Rashid’s loyalty. After closely going to the Shadow Realm, he returned to his body and promised to be friends to Yugi the next time they meet.


Name: Yami Marik  

Rank: 2nd Place of Battle City

Age: 6 *Remember: he was born when Marik had the carvings done*

Blood Type: B

Height: 5' 9" (180cm)

Weight: 123lbs (55kg)


Born when Marik had the carvings complete, he was made up Marik's hate and anger. He killed Marik's father. Used the dagger part of the Millennium Rod to slice off the carvings on his back. Did I mention tied him to the wall, was about to die and I saw the bloody picture? Sealed by Lishid's tattoo and faithfulness to Marik. Yami Marik hates everything and wants to kill almost everyone, loves the Darkness. Does a strange stretch thing his face.  One colorful character. :-P


Name: Ishtal, Isis (Ishizu)

English Name: Ishtar, Ishizu

Rank: One the Finalists of Battle City

Birth Date: April 5th

Age: 20

Blood Type: O

Height: 5' 4" (167cm)

Weight: 95lbs (43kg)


The older sister of Marik, was the owner of the Millennium Tauk/Necklace. She heard the murder of her father, but stayed away from Yami Marik. Ishizu entered Battle City to keep tracks of her brother. She had foreseen Kaiba being defeated by her. But when Kaiba defeated her, she gave hope to the future being changed. After the loss, she gave Yugi the item because she thought the power of the necklace was gone.


Name: Lishid, (Rashid)

English Name: Ordion

Rank: One of the Finalists of Battle City

Age: 25

Blood Type: ?

Height: ?

Weight: ?


Marik’s loyal servant, he was adopted by Mrs. Ishtar. He was considered to be Marik’s older brother, but was not officially adopted by the family. Marik asked him to do the ritual for him because of the pain he'd endure. He begged Mr. Ishtar to do it. He had the carvings done on his back, but Mr. Ishtar still did the ritual on Marik. Yami Marik almost killed Lishid. He was given the mark to forever be loyal to Marik. During the duel with Joey, he used the fake Ra God card and was struck by lightening from the God, and it released Yami Marik.


Name: Roba, Espa

English Name: Roba, Esper

Rank: Duelist in Battle City

Birth Date: April 1st

Age: 17

Blood Type: A

Height:  (172cm)

Weight:  (48kg)


 He claimed to have physic powers. Defeated by Joey and his rare Jinzo card was taken. He has four brothers.


Name: Kaiba, Noa

English Name:?

Birth Date:?

Blood Type:?




He was the real son of Mr. Kaiba and looked like first series Seto, but with blue eyes. He attacked the Duel Ship and send the gang into their virtual reality world along with the Big 5 to take over KaibaCorp once again. Noa was created in the anime to learn more about Kaiba and his family and fillers. He did not exist in the manga. 


1st Series Characters:

Name: Nosaki, Miho

Nickname: Ribbon

Age: 16  

She was an extra character added in the first series of Yu-Gi-Oh!  She was Tea’s best friend, was the hot girl in the class. Tristan had a crush on her. She was known as "Ribbon" for wearing a yellow ribbon in her hair. She liked playing Egg Capsule Monsters.